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Chairman’s Message

As part of the government’s new education policy, the Trust started an Arts & Science college, and later on, with the combined efforts of all the members, the Trust could establish a Dental College, an Engineering College, a Paramedical Science College, and two Polytechnics over the years.

It goes without saying that no institution can produce good students through its grand and beautiful buildings. Rather it is the devotion of teachers, strict academic discipline, quality education, and enthusiastic participation of parents and students that bring applause and laurels to the institution.

The scenario around the globe is changing rapidly and in this world of changes and challenges, demands for quality education are also increasing. Our Trust is endeavoring its best to cope with all these challenges and striving hard to provide quality education to the primary stakeholders. Along with curricular activities, stress is also given to the character formation of students. I extend my cordial felicitations to the Principals, faculty, and students of all our institutions for making our humble project a grand success.

Above all, I pray to Allah Almighty that He may enable us to impart quality education to our students so that they succeed in future pursuits of life, Amen!

Mr. KP Shibu


Dr. KP Siyad



We are living in a challenging world. A world where you will face a challenge in every twist and turns of life. These challenges may have taken different names, be it Covid-19 or some other natural disasters etc. For facing all these challenges dead straight, fearlessly, you need to be well disciplined. This discipline will lead you, guide you forward, no matter how unsure the path is. It is this discipline that takes you to tell your success stories. Hence a place where you will be gifted with something so important for a life time is no less than a heaven. Once the schooling is done, a college is where you are molded into the best of citizens, driven by passion, thriving for success and most importantly a well-disciplined social being. For a college to excel in its services a trust where all those magnificent, brilliant and thoughtful people inputting their time and worth towards the one goal to make every single student tell their success story over the course of life. And We, Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust will make you tell that, one day.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust is a well- known educational organization, founded to realize the dream of a group of great visionaries to provide world-class education in India. The Trust comprises of eminent academicians, social activists and industrialists, who focus on creating a new employable generation, with universal values, capable of influencing the society and strengthening the nation, in a positive way.

Founded in 2001, the Trust began its seminar contribution in the educational field by establishing an Arts & science college, and over the years, a number of knowledge centers like Dental College, Engineering College, Paramedical College, Pharmacy College and Polytechnics to cater to the students with a varied backgrounds and interests.

In Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions, we are focusing on an all-round development, in the phases of academics and personality traits of a student admitted in any of the campuses governed by the renowned Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust. The Group of Institutions has achieved many milestones and has constantly improved ourselves with a goal of facilitating the best possible education and thus brought light to the lives of our students. The impeccable teachers and mentors available in our esteemed institutions have always been a guiding light to our students. Through our top-notch educational standards, we have made a place in society as one of the most prestigious and most sought out institutions in the area. Together, we assure you that you can give wings of fire to your dreams and achieve it Godspeed. The Group offers many courses for students from which they can choose the suitable course best for them. Equipped with one of a kind modern facilities, the group provides every basic amenity that is needed for a student to up bring their massive and hidden potential. The Indira Gandhi Group of Institutions, ensure the candidates and our precious students that we will continue to serve professionally and together, we will excel in all our challenges fearlessly till you reach your goals.

Founder Chairman, Haji. K.M. Pareeth along with Dr. K. P. Shiyas (General Secretary), Dr. K.P. Siyad (CEO), Mr. K.P. Shibu (Director), Ms. P.U. Shereena (Treasurer) with Mr. K.P. Shaji, Mr. K.P. Sairaj, Ms. K. Suhana, Ms. A. Shuhaina, Dr. Nadah Najeeb Rawther act as trustees and take care of the activities of Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust helping in building a great educational society.

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